Amazon Release Delayed Until Beginning of Next Week . . .

Well, anytime you try something new (such as publishing your e-book through Kindle Direct Publishing!), you learn things and make mistakes.  Unfortunately, there have been a few glitches in the process of releasing The Eye-Dancers on Amazon.  For anyone who’s tried KDP, you know there is a Review process when you hit the “Publish” button.  And, when you later realize you made an error in some of the information you wanted to include (like, oh I don’t know, failing to include that you are the author of your own book!), you have to wait for the review to be done, then go back in, make the necessary changes, and then submit for another review period.  I am in the midst of this rather time-consuming process.  As I say, I am learning as I go.  But everything should be cleared up by Monday or Tuesday of next week, and The Eye-Dancers will be available on Amazon then.

I will definitely post when all the hurdles have been cleared and the book is available at Amazon!

Thanks for your patience, and thanks as always for reading . . .

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