The Eye-Dancers Now Available at Smashwords!

I still remember the day I began writing The Eye-Dancers.  It was nearly four years ago, on one of those chilly, overcast, nondescript November days in Vermont.  At the time, the finish line seemed a long way off, over steep, rugged mountains, and densely wooded hillsides full of pitfalls and snares.  I trudged and tired over many of those mountains, stumbled and fell in some of the pitfalls, and became entangled in plenty of snares.  Which is why it’s so rewarding now to be able to say–The Eye-Dancers is now on sale!

I just uploaded the book onto  Please click here to find it!

And tomorrow it will be available at Amazon.  I will keep you all posted.  Thanks so much again for everyone who has been following this blog, and has shown an interest in The Eye-Dancers.  Writing a novel is really a deeply personal undertaking, and being able to share that undertaking is a great feeling.

For those of you who purchase The Eye-Dancers, I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and I welcome all comments and feedback, positive and negative.

Thank you again.  More to come soon . . .


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