Marc Kuslanski–A Rational Explanation for Everything

Marc Kuslanski is the kind of junior-high know-it-all who rarely, if ever, exhibits a sense of wonder.  Where’s the wonder when you already know how things work?  The magician’s disappearing act isn’t so mesmerizing once you learn the secret.  The mind-blowing card trick becomes pedestrian when you learn how to do it yourself.

Marc is all about learning the answers.  Today’s mysteries, he believes, will become tomorrow’s discoveries.  There is nothing in the universe that cannot, in time, be understood, learned about, mastered.  Science can, and ultimately will, unlock the answers behind every seemingly inscrutable question.  Regarding this, Marc Kuslanski has no doubt.  It is the mantra of his life, the guiding principle to everything he believes in.

But his belief will be tested.  As with Mitchell Brant, Joe Marma, and Ryan Swinton, Marc will go through incredible, potentially sanity-busting experiences in The Eye-Dancers.  Throughout the vast majority of the book, while the others look for answers in the mysterious “ghost girl,” Marc clings to the belief that hard science, mathematical formulas, logic, and quantum physics will provide the salvation.  But everyone must face an epiphany at one point in their lives, and Marc Kuslanski is no different.

For as “Einstein” Kuslanski finally comes to understand, not all of life’s mysteries can be calculated, calibrated, and broken down to their lowest common denominator.  Some things, by their very nature, must remain enigmas.

There are, and always will be, some phenomena that can elicit nothing less than a profound sense of  wonder.

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  1. seeker
    Mar 13, 2013 @ 19:39:51

    Since I am a fan of Einstein, Marc might be the “brain” of this story. But who knows…. to be continued. Lunch break is finsh.


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